City Council

portrait of Caren Ray Russom
Caren Ray Russom
Term 12/18 - 12/20

Portrait of Keith Storton
Mayor Pro Tem
Keith Storton
Term 12/18-12/22

Portrait of Kristen Barneich
Council Member
Kristen Barneich
Term 12/16-12/20

Portrait of Jimmy Paulding
Council Member
Jimmy Paulding
Term 12/18 - 12/22

Lan George
Council Member
Lan George
Term 01/19 - 12/20


  • 6 p.m.
  • Second and fourth Tuesday of each month
  • City Council Chambers
    215 E Branch Street
    Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Special meetings are called as needed.

For information regarding remote public participation at City Council meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the Government Access TV - Channel 20 page.

Televised Broadcasts

Meetings are televised live on Arroyo Grande’s government access channel 20 and then rebroadcast each day for one week at 9 a.m, 6 p.m, and 1 a.m, and the following Thursday and Sunday at 6 p.m. Public education programs and an ongoing bulletin board providing information on city services and programs are also aired on Channel 20. Archived City Council meeting video and audio files can be viewed online.

Agendas & Minutes

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Communications directed to the City Council are public records, and are subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act and Brown Act unless exempt from disclosure under the applicable law.

About the City Council

The City Council consists of five members elected at-large, on a nonpartisan basis. Residents elect the mayor and four council members, making each accountable to the entire citizenry.

Terms & Responsibilities

Council Members serve four-year overlapping terms. The Mayor is directly elected and serves a two-year term. The City Council establishes city policies, approves ordinances and resolutions, makes land use decisions, approves agreements and contracts, and hears appeals on decisions made by city staff or advisory committees. The Mayor and City Council members receive a monthly stipend set by resolution.

City Council Handbook

The City Council Handbook (PDF) was adopted by the Council and is intended to serve as a resource guide and compilation of agreed upon operational policies and procedures for the Mayor and Council Members throughout their term, as well as to serve as an introduction for future Council Members unfamiliar with the operations of the City.

City Council Budget Priorities

The following budget priorities for Fiscal Years 2018-20 were established by the City Council on February 13, 2018:

  • Correct and reverse the expenditure/revenue gap within two years by making services more efficient, more effectively recovering the true cost of services, and/or reducing non-core and non-essential services and attempting to shift the provision of these wanted and needed public services to entities that are better able to perform them;
  • Increase revenues through strategic economic development efforts that encourage development of numerous vacant and underutilized parcels to not only fulfill desired retail and service needs of the community but also to ensure wise fiscal benefits to the City to fund inevitable cost increases of providing core and essential services;
  • Reduce exposure to volatility of pension payments from potential future actions by CaIPERS such as further reduction of the discount rate or re-amortization of unfunded liabilities; and
  • Once long-term economic and fiscal sustainability is achieved, start to build a community vision of future wants (i.e. long-term use of Camp Arroyo Grande, better sports facilities and fields, etc.) and identify new revenue sources to build and support these efforts such as increased taxes or bond measures.