Redevelopment Agency

The Arroyo Grande Redevelopment Agency was formally dissolved on February 1, 2012.

The City Council of the City of Arroyo Grande activated the Redevelopment Agency (Agency) on August 27, 1996, through its adoption of Ordinance Number 479 California Statute. On June 10, 1997, the City Council approved and adopted Ordinance Number 487 California Statute, which established the Project Area and the Redevelopment Plan, which governs the activities of the Agency within the Project Area.

Purpose & Objective

The purposes and objectives of the Redevelopment Plan are to eliminate the conditions of blight, as defined by California Redevelopment Law, existing in the Project Area and to prevent the recurrence of deteriorating conditions in the Project Area. The Project Area consists of approximately 510 acres of commercial, industrial, institutional / governmental / open space, residential, and vacant land uses within the city.

Implementation Plan

The Agency has prepared a Five-Year Implementation Plan (PDF) (Implementation Plan) for the Arroyo Grande Redevelopment Project Area. The Implementation Plan presents the Agency's goals and objectives, anticipated projects and programs, and estimated expenditures for the five-year planning period (covering fiscal years 2009 to 2010 through 2013 to 2014).

The Implementation Plan will guide the Agency's actions in implementing key redevelopment projects in the Project Area. A midterm review and update of this Implementation Plan will take place between the second and third years after the adoption date (expected in Fiscal Year 2011 to 2012).

Pursuant to Section 33490 of the California Redevelopment Law, Health and Safety Code Section 33000 et sequitor (Law), the Implementation Plan serves as a strategy document that will guide current and future projects and programs by the Agency to:

  • Encourage the redevelopment of the Project Area subject to and consistent with the city's General Plan and/or specific development plans as may be adopted from time to time through the cooperation of private enterprise and public agencies
  • Enhance the long term economic well being of the community
  • Provide for the rehabilitation of commercial and industrial structures and residential dwelling units
  • Provide public infrastructure improvements and community facilities, such as the installation, construction, and/or reconstruction of streets, utilities, public buildings and facilities (such as facilities for pedestrian circulation and parking facilities), storm drains, utility undergrounding, or structures, street lighting, landscaping, and other improvements which are necessary for the effective redevelopment of the Project Area
  • Provide for participation in the redevelopment of property in the Project Area where feasible by owners who agree to so participate in conformity with the Redevelopment Plan;
  • Encourage joint efforts and cooperative efforts among property owners, businesses, and public agencies to achieve desirable economic development goals and programs and to reduce or eliminate existing blighting conditions
  • Increase, improve, and preserve the community's supply of affordable housing