Neighborhood Watch

If you are interested in playing a vital part in building a partnership between your community and the Arroyo Grande Police Department, consider becoming a member of the Neighborhood Watch program. As a member of a Neighborhood Watch program, you will become part of an organized community group with your neighbors to discuss and respond to your neighborhood area concerns. The Neighborhood Watch program is nationwide networks of local concerned citizens working together, neighborhood by neighborhood, community by community, in partnerships with local police departments to solve neighborhood community problems.

Being a member of Neighborhood Watch does not require a great deal of time, but it does require a commitment to become involved and work with your neighbors and fellow business owners. The Arroyo Grande Police Department will assist in organizing and providing initial direction for each Neighborhood Watch program. The Department will provide identifying Neighborhood Watch street signs and home and business decals. Members of the Department will instruct the Neighborhood Watch program members on a wide variety of subjects from crime prevention tips; personal safety advice; home protection and security systems; fraud, theft and robbery prevention; and narcotics and gang identification.

Through the Neighborhood Watch program you will be able not only to meet and get to know your neighbors on a more personal level, but you will also be able to meet and become personally acquainted with the police officers who patrol your community. Neighborhood Watch will give you the opportunity to interact with your police officers and your Arroyo Grande Police Department.

Remember, it only takes one person in your neighborhood community to plant the seed of a Neighborhood Watch program that will grow into an effective partner with your police department in protecting you, your home, and your community. If you have that desire to be a leader and help your neighbors to help themselves toward the goal of a safer community, complete the Public Service Request form and you will be contacted.

National Neighborhood Watch Institute offers a variety of materials and information for your Neighborhood Watch needs.