Arroyo Grande and Beyond

These are great options to do with your family while getting out of the house and still keeping your social distance from others. 

1. Visit the Tide Pools - Check out the Dinosaur Cave Tide Pools, Make sure to bring this checklist along to see if you can find the different objects. After you get home, check out the video and slideshow on the different Tide Pool Creatures. 

2. Visit the Monarch Butterfly Grove - Visit the butterflies (be careful where you step) and take photos of them flying. Come home and color your own butterfly.  Watch all about them too. 

3. Hike your favorite Arroyo Grande trail - explore new lands and trails that are right here in our hometown.

4. Visit the Roosters in the AG Village - Say Hi to our local furry friends.  When you get home, make your own rooster with some creativity and paper. 

5. Go to the Dunes -  Although camping is closed you can still explore the trails and beaches. Bring a kite or make one before you go from a plastic bag. 

6. Explore the US National Parks with Google and its 360-virtual tour.  

7. Ride your favorite Disney ride virtually and bring a little magic to your day. 

8. Make magic with this new Harry Potter World at Home. The wizarding world has never been so fun!

9. Start doing daily science workshops with our partner, Funtastic. You will love these home opportunities. 

10. Visit Holland every day with new videos that will make you feel like you are right there.

11. Visit the Louvre Museum and see their amazing exhibits including Egyptian Antiquities.  

12. Visit the Taj Mahal and you will feel like you are actually there. 

13. Visit famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous structures virtually. 

14. San Luis Obispo Opera is showcasing behind the scenes as well as different shows. Don’t miss it!