K-9 Program

The Arroyo Grande Police Department began its K-9 program in 1985. In the ensuing thirty-three years there have been seven police service dogs used by the Department. Capitalizing on their keen sense of smell and discipline, these highly trained police service dogs assist in searching for, locating, and apprehending suspects while minimizing the potential danger to officers and our community.

Using the K-9's to augment our patrol officers; they essentially serve as force multipliers. Arroyo Grande Police service dogs have been instrumental in the capture of robbery suspects and violent offenders, searches for suspects, and seizure of illegal narcotics for other law enforcement agencies in the South County. Our patrol K-9s are also frequently used on burglar alarm calls for local residences and businesses, saving time for our patrol staff and helping ensure their safety and safety of the public.

Through their involvement in public events, school demonstrations and other local presentations, these police service dogs are also a highly visible means to build and support more positive relations with the community.

Although the Arroyo Grande Police Department police service dogs are available to assist other law enforcement and school district personnel throughout San Luis Obispo County, they are primarily used in Arroyo Grande and the other South County communities.

Officer Jeff Corral has had "K-9 Tig" as his patrol partner since 2017. K-9 Tig is currently certified as a patrol K-9 with the California Narcotic Canine Association, but is anticipated to begin training in firearm detection soon. K-9 Tig is a male German Shepherd Dog, sable in color. With the anticipated completion of K-9 Tig's training, he will be certified to assist local agencies in detecting and locating firearms. This skill is invaluable for special events in order to further help ensure the safety of the public, school campuses and crime scenes.

The cost of each selectively bred police service dog is approximately $8,500, while the initial and essential ongoing intensive training in search, protection and firearms detection, handling equipment and kennel represent substantial additional costs that continue every year the dog is in service. Each dog and its officer handler represent a serious commitment to providing the most disciplined and professional level of service. The Police Department strongly believes that if a police service dog can find one dangerous criminal threatening our community, locate one lost child, or locate a firearm used or going to be used in the commission of a crime, that police service dog is well worth the expense.

The purchase and training of these valuable police service dogs could not have been accomplished without considerable financial support from individuals and businesses in the community. Even with all the generosity of the community, the Police Department needs additional funds to support the K-9 program and the ongoing essential training for the dogs. The Police Department is inviting you to become involved in a partnership with us in supporting the K-9 program. If you are interested in contributing to the K-9 program, you may make a contribution to the K-9 Fund at the Arroyo Grande Police Department at 200 N. Halcyon Road. If you would like additional information regarding the K-9 program, please contact the Patrol Services Commander at 805-473-5110.