Public Education and Outreach

Many of the storm drains within the City of Arroyo Grande drain directly or indirectly to the Arroyo Grande Creek. That means that any pollutants and litter that get into the storm drain system end up in the Arroyo Grande Creek, and eventually the ocean, without any treatment.

Because storm water does not receive any treatment, it is especially important to keep all pollutants out of the storm drain system.

Help Stop Stormwater Pollution!

The City of Arroyo Grande is required to implement a Phase II Municipal Stormwater Program in order to reduce or eliminate the pollutants that enter the storm drain system, and our waterways, from both storm water and non-stormwater flows.

Only Rain Down the Drain

Did You Know?

Everything that enters a storm drain ends up in our creeks, which flows untreated to the ocean!

The City operates separate storm drain and sewer systems. Only wastewater that is discharged to the sewer system receives treatment before being discharged back to the environment. Anything that reaches the gutter is not treated before flowing into our waterways and eventually the ocean.

Even if you don't live near a waterway, rainfall can wash pollutants like fertilizers, sediment, yard and pet waste into our storm drain system and waterways.

Leaves Drainage

Things You Can Do Around The House

  1. Pick up yard debris, please don't sweep or blow it into the street.
  2. Mulch bare slopes to reduce sediment runoff.
  3. Use pesticides and herbicides sparingly.
  4. Pick up after your pets. Place all pet waste into a container and place it into the trash.
  5. Help prevent sewage overflows caused by grease blockages by wiping all grease off of dishes prior to rinsing and washing in the dishwasher.
  6. Be sure your private sewer laterals are kept clear of grease and roots to prevent overflows.
  7. Keep trash containers covered and in good condition to prevent items from blowing out and liquid from leaking.