Daily Fun with AG Rec Staff

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Our AG Rec Staff misses our kiddos so much and we are hoping you are having fun being at home with your family!  While you are away, each teacher has created special activities for you to do each day. We want to hear from you, even if you are not one of our students, we want to see your smiling faces. Take photos and please send to us at agrec@arroyogrande.org. We will see you soon!

Day 1: Learn about the science of bubbles with this hands-on experiment. Make sure to take photos and email them to Ms. Carrie - she wants to see how big your bubbles can get. 

Day 2 - Ms. Bre says hello in the fun video. You will not want to miss it!

Day 3 -  Ms. Jill knows you are learning how to write properly but what if you could do a secret message with invisible ink.  Make the ink and mail us a letter that we can read later!

Day 4 - Stay strong and workout with Ms. Sarema.  This is a great thing to do with your parents!

Day 5 - Go on an adventure as a pirate with Mr. Jonathon as he gives you a musical melody!

Day 6 - Ms. Ady has been writing cards to Seniors who are kind of lonely right now. Make them a card that you can send and cheer up their day!

Day 7 - Ms. Terra and her son Riley love to make projects with crayons and they have a lot of broken crayons they want to reuse. Learn how to make Reusable Crayons and make a drawing for Ms. Terra or your favorite teacher and email it to them to brighten their day! They will get it at agrec@arroyogrande.org

Day 8 - Pyjama Drama, one of our favorite AG camps, has an amazing workbook that you can now have which is 6-week Activity Pack designed to help children recognize and manage their feelings through drama, movement, music and play.

Day 9 - Ms. Kathy helped her grandson make an box for an Egg Drop contest they did with friends. Make an Egg Drop and have your parents drop it off a ladder and see if your egg breaks. Make sure to take a video and send to us so we can see how you did!

Day 10 - Mr. Jonathon is back but this time he is playing the Mario Brothers theme song on his flute. 

Day 11 - Ms. Sarema wants you to keep up your good health and exercise with her! Do this 15-minute Cardio workout and get your wiggles out. 

Day 12 - Ms. Jenny wants you to go outside and do this Nature Bingo with your family. Tell us who won!

Day 13 - We can’t get enough of Mr. Jonathon and his flute playing and this time he did a duet with his brother. Send us a video of you playing some music! 

Day 14 - Ms. Conni loves kittens and all animals.  She heard that Woods Humane Society needs rice packs for the kittens to lay on when they are eating their breakfast because it keeps them warm.  You can help too by making these rice packs and giving them to the Shelter!

Day 15 - Ms. Sarema is back with another exercise video that uses everyday items in your home. Send us a video of you doing the exercises.  Ms. Sarema wants to see how strong you are. 

Day 16 - Ms. Terra wants you to keep your fitness up so you can be strong for our next Workout Wednesday. Make sure to do these Home Olympics with your family to stay strong!

Day 17 - Create a time capsule for our Director, Ms Sheridan. One day, you can look back on this time you got to hang out at home and remember so much!

Day 18 - Miss Carrie designed a special Cross word puzzle all about Arroyo Grande.